Now ESNG N-mod baseboards?

Having found a picture reminding me of N-mod track, here’s one that reminds me of our baseboards (at least for the corners and fiddle yard).  Thanks to David Bromage on Small Layouts Group for this….

Found this by accident.  A remarkable Z gauge layout built on a section of tree stump.

Original is here.

Kj7KXx5 - Imgur

There may be potential for larger scales with different tree species.  Maybe and ‘O’ gauge version on a Giant Redwood?

Perhaps there is a serious message from this.  We need to think of the presentation of our baseboards.  A neat fascia, painted to complement the predominant colours on the layout can really set off the layout.  Bare wood, dodgy looking screw heads and poor construction does not help the rest of our modelling.

On a slightly associated note, I learnt this about Disneyland:

If you’re walking through Disneyland (presumably in a state of Smellitzer induced bliss), one thing you probably won’t notice is … anything painted grey or green.

The company has apparently apparently created two deliberately  dull paint colours, known as “Go Away Green” and “No Seeum Gray”, to draw the eyes of guests away from any objects that they want to hide, or blend away. These can range from utility buildings, to fences and walls, to the door of the famous Club 33.

Surely this paint has many modelling applications, starting with those enormous couplings!

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1 Response to Now ESNG N-mod baseboards?

  1. Chris Mears says:

    Normally I wouldn’t take much notice of these novelty layouts (e.g. loop of track on a hat, inglenook in a violin case) but this one is really neat. I like how it was designed to work with the face of the block and just the general design. It looks like a nice little layout.

    Thanks for sharing this.



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