Coupling springs have sprung

This very useful tip appeared in the NRMA British Region magazine.  Most useful for those of us with Microtrains couplers, but now Dapol buckeyes are around it may also apply to them.  It was published under the wonderful title of “Tame those goldarn disappearing springs”….

NMRABR member Cliff South gave us an idea for replacing springs in Kadee couplers.

Put a fine silk thread through the middle when inserting it back in the coupler.  It cannot disappear then…..

So, where have those darned springs flown away to?  Assuming that you can find them, and I have a foot-long piece of wood with strip magnets glued along its length.  Run it over the carpet or lino and you’ll pick them up for sure…

(I hate to think WHAT I’d pick up from our carpet…)

Quite a good trick with tiny springs is to put a very small dot of superglue on just on end before fitting them….

You don’t lose them then as they are permanently attached to your fingers!

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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