Australian inspiration

Rediscovering websites that seem to have gone for good is always good news.  I enjoyed Andrew Martin’s site as it had a good number of very buildable small layout plans.  Although based in Australia, small stations are small stations worldwide – the difference between locations is often that of buildings, scenery, and of course rolling stock.

I’m pleased to rediscover Andrew’s site here (or maybe he never left and I lost touch or deleted the wrong link from my favourites).  He recently described some Australian grain operations in a post, ‘An industry you can model – Kensington Grain Siding (Victoria, Australia)’.  The track layout caught my eye as a good prototype for a scenic N-club to N-mod, 2 to 4 track transition module.  Forget the goods roads greyed out on the diagram and you still have an interesting layout.  The catch might be that the double junction means that the N-mod tracks will be up-down-up-down rather than up-up-down-down as usually set up.  However, that will be no problem providing the operators keep awake!


And I’m pleased to see that my favourite from Andrew’s designs is back on the site.  Only 10′ plus staging in ‘N’ gauge, and offering plenty of both passenger operations and switching.


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  1. Thanks for the post STB. Much appreciated.


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