Jon’s modules – a reorganisation and progress!

Since my last modules post, I have actually made steady progress with the layout.  First of all, I finished all the wiring for the 1200mm module, and tested all the point motors and track feeds.  For this task I used my venerable 42-year old multimeter, made in an electronics practical lesson in my first term at university.  It didn’t get used for years, but I’m just realising how useful it really is….


Then came a week’s procrastination, as I realised that the modules that I thought would fit across the end of the loft, wouldn’t really work like that.  I was on holiday last week, and a lot of thinking and moving things about followed.  Then the penny dropped.  First task was to move Earl’s Wood across the loft to the alcove.  I chopped 9″ off the high legs so it tucks under the sloping roof.  This leaves 2′ to the right for a cassette fiddle year.  In the process of moving, I reconnected a couple of broken wires under the layout, so it is all working again….


I then took a hacksaw to my ancient (a mere 29 years) MFI bookshelf to lower it to the same height as my other two (just post-war from my parents – we don’t waste anything in our house) bookcase.  Circled in yellow below are the leg extensions that raise one N-club board.  The other two are supported by brackets (also circled) that rest on the bookcases.  the fourth module won’t quite fit along this wall, but tucks neatly between the furniture….


I bolted the three modules together, added jumper cables between them, and amazingly, the layout is all in one piece.  All the point motors work and I have run an engine on all tracks on and between all boards.  I can now work on it as I have time.  As with many others, I find that I can make good progress when things are all set up, and I can spend an hour here and there, when I have time, working on the layout.

m4 m5

Next task is to complete the fiddle yard / staging on the layout, then paint out the boards brown, plan the scenery, and start ballasting.  I’ve selected a number of buildings from my store of kits.  And I’ll also try and tidy the remaining clutter in the loft…..

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