Climbing Everest on the Tube

For you fitness fiends, here’s an idea that I, for one, will not be taking up, from the Daily Telegraph:

This Tube map shows you how you could climb Everest using the London Underground

The map tells you how many times you have to climb up and down the stairs at each tube station to climb the equivalent of the world’s most famous mountains

Could you climb Everest on your commute? Snow and Rock are encouraging Londoners to look at the world with slightly more optimism with this new map that turns the London Underground into an adventure.

They said on their website: “Just like us, we know that you see the world differently: through the lens of adventure. We’re currently taking a fresh look at the London Underground network and seeing what adventures we can find in some of its deepest stations.

“Over the coming weeks we will be sharing our #UrbanMountains series through our Facebook and Twitter pages, showing how the deepest stations stack up against some of the UK’s This means that if you often use the stairs instead of the lift you could chart how often you do so, and therefore how much of each mountain you have climbed on your commute. highest peaks and beyond.”

You could start with Ben Nevis (that I actually have walked up)….

stand alone mountains B

Then progress onwards and upwards to (literally) higher things…..


Sorry, but as I heard in a talk recently, my idea of fitness is walking to the kebab van, not to the gym!

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