Odd modelling idea #2748

Here are a few more, “Believe it or not” scenes to add to your layout.

We’ve all seen strange animals on layouts, such as dinosaurs and alien landings.  Definitely a case of Rule 1 – it’s my railway.  But how about this, reported in the Daily Telegraph?


A man who discovered a five-foot goanna [lizard] climbing across the side of his house in Australia said he “couldn’t have been more shocked if a Martian had landed”.

Eric Holland, 80, was working in the shed in his back garden when he heard a banging noise and emerged to discover the giant reptile splayed across the side wall of his house.

He said the creature’s claws “had to be bloody 40 millimetres [1.6 inches] long at least”.  “It blew the cobwebs out of me,” he told ABC News…. My yellow streak started to show and I jumped back in the shed….

“I’ll be wearing my long pants and my big boots outside, that’s for sure.”

And a new set of underwear, I reckon….

If you can’t cope with monster lizards, how about this donkey in the back of a police car?   It reminds me of the story of a preacher who recruited a real donkey for a Christmas service – and didn’t realise that most donkeys have weak bladders.  And please let me know if you have a source of ‘N’ gauge donkeys.  Derek needs some for his latest module!


And lastly, what to do with all your spare PECO points.  Think of all the time and money saved on wiring and point motors.  From SCNF, via N-Gauge Forum…


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