First look at new Crossrail trains

I’ve been a bit short of prototype posts recently – too many exhibitions to visit, I guess.  So here’s an article from the Telegraph.  These new Crossrail trains are due to enter service on the new cross-London line in 2017 and will have free Wi-Fi and 4G access – you need never miss an ESNGblog post (assuming I am still writing by then!)  The Telegraph reports:

TFL has unveiled designs for the new Crossrail trains due to enter service from May 2017.

Constructed by Bombardier, each train be will be one and a half times longer than the longest Tube, with nine walk-through carriages providing space for 1,500 passengers, and four dedicated wheelchair spaces.  With just 50 seats per carriage, 1,050 of those 1,500 potential passengers would have to stand.

Running between Reading to the west of London and Shenfield to the east, the train’s boast features including intelligent lighting and temperature control systems, and will use up to 30 per cent less energy through regenerating electricity back into the power supply when braking.

London mayor Boris Johnson said: “It’s fantastic to think that these sleek new trains will soon be transporting millions of people across our great city and beyond. They’re feature packed, eye-catching machines that showcase the best of British design and engineering. They’ll add vital capacity to our rail network and will help to ensure our economy continues its onward journey full-steam ahead. The largest construction project in Europe is another tantalising step closer to becoming a brand new working railway for the Capital.”

Go, Boris!!!!

Crossrail_3505784b Crossrail_3505786b


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