Wrong kind of sun?

We’ve all heard of the ‘wrong kind of snow’ getting stuck in train doors and causing cancellation of train services during the UK winter.  But how about ‘the wrong kind of sun’ from the BBC?


Rail passengers were left angry after being told trains were delayed due to “strong sunlight”.  Services were disrupted because of the angle of the sun in Lewisham, south-east London, train operator Southeastern said.

It apologised and tweeted: “We had severe congestion through Lewisham due to dispatching issues as a result of strong sunlight.”

Passengers also took to Twitter – to share their disbelief at the excuse.

Paul Malyon described it as “the weakest excuse ever”.

Rob List wrote: “I can’t have heard properly because if I did, I believe my train’s been delayed due to SUNLIGHT?!?”

Zuzanna Sojka tweeted: “Canon Street train delayed due to sunlight! @Se_Railway i admire your creativity!”

These train operatives!

However, this picture shows the high quality trains now operating in the UK…..

12247125_10205533246347863_5131214661865933365_nNot entirely fair, but thanks to Maxine and Facebook for this rather amusing picture.


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2 Responses to Wrong kind of sun?

  1. smoppett says:

    I’m not in that area but in Devon and mid morning the sun has been very strong and very low. The fact that it is low and in the eye line is the problem. Perhaps the travelling public feel the railway drivers should just steer around the problem like they would in their cars?


  2. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:


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