Three interesting layout designs….

‘Ian from Cumbria’ linked to his layout blogs on RMweb.  He has developed three excellent plans, and I reproduce them here.  The location is somewhere in the West Country, but the principles could be moved almost anywhere.

First, Tredethy Wharf, a what-if on the Bodmin and Wadebridge….

Though Tredethy Wharf has been a good introduction to Scalefour modelling it has not been a layout that I’ve been tempted to operate at home. When set up at home it’s normally just there as a static diorama collecting dust. That said I have enjoyed taking it to shows along with helping out on other layouts at shows. I’ve become to realise making an exhibition of myself in front of a layout is a rewarding experience. Meeting up with friends who help, the meeting of fellow modellers along with the public who ask questions, or just seeing peoples/children’s facial expressions makes the whole event worthwhile.


Next, Rospeath Lane MPD, a GWR engine shed.

Rospeath Lane was been design to give me these challenges but it is a layout that has not really been designed as an exhibition layout. With two main baseboards being 4’6”x3’ it will be difficult to handle and transport by myself. By the time it’s in a state to exhibit I’ll probably be too infirm to manage it. Even though progress has stagnated during the last 18 months I’m still very committed to continuing with Rospeath Lane but only as a home based layout.

Rospeath Lane v18

And finally, Boscarne Junction, a real junction in deepest Cornwall….

Back in April 2020 I posted a blog titled ‘Deciding on the next project’. At that time all five were designed to fit in the ‘Man Cave’ at the previous house. In revisiting these ideas one stands out more than the others as a possible exhibition layout….. the project to look at in more detail as a successor to Tredethy Wharf is Boscarne Junction. It will follow on nicely from Tredethy Wharf, keeping in the family so to speak. All the rolling stock I have build and likely to build for Tredethy Wharf will potentially be used on Boscarne Junction. More importantly it will give me many new challenges to overcome especially represent a real location.

Boscarne Junction 12wagon exchange siding-layout only

Boscarne is an interesting location, not least in that it doesn’t have a station there.  Though I did rather like his earlier simplified version of Boscarne.  Smaller, simpler, and something of the atmosphere of that IOW favourite, Smallbrook Junction.

Templot Pages

Templot Pages

So three, rather four, excellent track plans to generate some more layout ideas.

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