Odd modelling ideas #2

Thanks to N Gauge Forum for this gross idea – “Something prototypical I’d rather not model,”  with a link to this BBC page.  The BBC is a bit over-the-top about the risks – only 10% of UK trains still deposit their toilets directly onto the track.  And of course, most sewage treatment works use something similar to ballast for effluent treatment.

However, perhaps we ought to be adding a little extra detail between the rails?  I believe that Ratio provide cowpats with their cattle dock.  Perhaps a simple conversion project for an evening.  (And any comment suggesting any parallel with ‘real coal’ in loco tenders will not make it onto the blog!!!)


Perhaps that’s why passengers were requested not to go to the toilet at stations!


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1 Response to Odd modelling ideas #2

  1. allan dawes says:

    It would be a lot better if the railways were to use ballast colour toilet paper.


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