April fool!

A day late, but here are a few railway orientated jokes, past and present.

Residents of Copenhagen who visited the square in front of the town hall were greeted by a strange sight. One of the subway cars from the city’s new subway, which was under construction, appeared to have burst up through the pavement. The subway car actually was a retired vehicle from the Stockholm subway. It had been cut at an angle and loose bricks were placed around it, to give the illusion that it had crashed up from below.

The stunt was sponsored by Gevalia Coffee, whose advertisements had an ongoing theme of vehicles popping up in strange locations, with the tagline “Be ready for unexpected guests.”


A fitness coach on Virgin Trains?

Virgin Trains has confirmed that plans for a unique passenger experience onboard its trains are well advanced.

The project, which is being undertaken alongside its Virgin Active organisation, will result in one coach of each train being transformed in to a travelling gym, complete with exercise bikes, cross trainers and running machines.

The move, which is believed to be a world first is to be rolled out across the company’s fleet of Pendolino and Super Voyager trains, with the gym vehicle being named the ‘Fitness Coach’.

All of the state-of-the-art gym equipment will have been hand-picked by fitness experts at Virgin Active, and in a truly ground-breaking move, the kinetic energy generated from each Fitness Coach will be harnessed and used by the train.

Train on the Train with Virgin’s new Fitness Coach

Train on the Train with Virgin’s new Fitness Coach

And how to improve the ‘City of Truro’.



The black livery did briefly exist during a preservation repaint, so the ‘British Railways’ livery was quickly added for a joke.  Not so sure about the smoke deflectors, though…

The British NMRA magazine came up with a good one.  Working water troughs for all scales.  Considerable research had been necessary to invent a clear chemical that splashed like a real water trough, but dried quickly and didn’t short out the electrics.  This liquid has been perfected, but unfortunately smells like neat sewage.  The company is currently working on a sewage works kit to go by the line where the troughs are….

However, the best spoof ever was a full page article in the ‘Railway Modeller,’ way back.  This was about a London Underground layout, that realistically went around the house under the floorboards.  There were flaps in the floor to look at the stations and rerail trains.  Well, this is an underused area for railways in most homes!  And I did come across an American basement layout once that had a reversing ‘Y’ extending out of the house underground.  Fact is often stranger than fiction.

Hope you didn’t get caught!

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