ESNG Exhibition 2016 #5

The last couple of years the show has had a mix of modular layouts, and mostly smallish standalone layouts that the visitor could imagine building themselves.  Apart from Leonard, mentioned earlier, we had a number of other layouts on show……

Southbridge is a very pleasant slice of the old GWR, showing a double track main line junction with a single track branch.  It still didn’t convince me to model Great Western, but just as when I was growing up with OO, isn’t it easy to do with all the excellent models that are available?



Azusa Mills comes in three sizes and at least four configurations.  There was lots of slow switching going on all day of the various industries on the layout.  These industries feature some very nice buildings, built or modified from a range of kit manufacturers.  In fact modelling the USA is almost as easy as modelling the GWR, and it’s far enough away for you not to be plagued by experts saying that the GWR never had a 2-5-3 tank engine.



Brighthampton, as the name suggests, is a Southern Electric layout based somewhere on the south coast of England.  There’s plenty of modelling still to do here, but it already looks the part, with some very interesting pointwork at the station throat.  Some of the multiple units started life as old Graham Farish coaches.  Has the London Transport garage moved a little far south?  It looks like Southdown have taken over, anyway!



Martin’s St Elizabeth Street has had a bit of a rebuild since it was last at the show.  I think the loco shed is all new.  The layout features lights, sound, and indeed, action…..

5_7_liz 5_8_liz 5_9_liz

Lastly, Sean had his new layout under construction and on display…..



So that’s it for 2016.  I suppose I’d better start planning for 2017!  The show will be on Saturday 8th April, the weekend before Easter.  We hope to be back at St Joseph’s school, and can reliably promise some car parking next time.  It’s our 19th show, but we will be celebrating 20 years of ESNG.  We’ll no doubt have all the usual suspects there, but I hope we can do something a little special for our 20th anniversary (special cakes, perhaps?)

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