“I’m a model train enthusiast …”

Thank you Simon, for mailing me this little gem.  I had seen it in the Model Railroad Hobbyist, but you confirmed that it was worth blogging!

The magazine says that:

In this clip from the documentary-style comedy, “A Mighty
Wind”, actor Jim Piddock remarks to a lady at a party that
he’s into model trains. The lady’s response is unexpected, to
say the least. The plot of this 2003 docu-comedy is based on
three folk groups from the ‘60s who reunite for a memorial
concert in New York City.

The subtly wacky jokes in this movie are good for many
chuckles – we couldn’t resist sharing this “I’m a model train
enthusiast” moment from the movie!

The following also appeared in the same edition.  It’s an old one, but always worth repeating!

The Dent train station

A lady was travelling to Dent, a station on the famous Settle to
Carlisle railway in the UK. Upon arrival at Dent, she got off the
train and seeing nothing but countryside around her asked the
attendant “Where is the village of Dent?” The attendant replied
it was about 3 miles away, down the hill. The lady then asked
“Wouldn’t it have been better to build the station near the village?”

To which the attendant replied, “ Well madam, we thought
it better to build it near the railway.”

Meanwhile, back on the N Gauge Forum, there’s an interesting thread entitled, “NGS 50th anniversary event – what would you like to see/do?”  It’s difficult to keep something like this serious for long, so I appreciated….

Naked dancing girls


BrewDog on tap in the marquee

Sexist, yes, but good value none the less.  I considered a contribution involving a set of stocks, the N Gauge Society committee, and wet sponges.  But I didn’t want to be banned!!!!


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