ESNG AGM – 7 June 2016

Thank you Allan for giving me a break from blogging with all your excellent photographs.  And it’s been good for my ego, as the blog stats have been thriving.  No doubt as I start to write again, numbers will drop dramatically.

It’s AGM time again.  The meeting was just quorate, as 10 hardy members had turned out for the ESNG AGM.  The Cha(I)rman sent his apologies from Switzerland, but I get the feeling he wasn’t taking it seriously…..

IMAG0614Beer cold.
Weather hot
See you soon.






Despite Allan’s absence, we had a profitable meeting.  The committee were (unfortunately) elected back unopposed and en-bloc.  The meeting didn’t like my proposed revised electoral method:

“Please reach under your chair, where there is a sheet of paper taped to its underside.  Three chairs have Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer on the paper.  If you’ve sat on that chair, you’ve got the job…..

But seriously, we had a useful discussion on the year ahead and ideas for the club.  These included:

  • Working parties on PlayDays to build new modules and finish the replacement corners.
  • Better integration of N-mod and N-club – perhaps scenic N-mod boards should be 400mm wide?
  • Storage – no great ideas or volunteers with a garage, but perhaps we need a shed??
  • Better advertising locally for the exhibition (and Matt volunteered to help.)
  • Perhaps an Open Day at the hall.
  • Add a child safeguarding clause to the club rules.

A committee meeting over a curry is needed to discuss these further!

Afterwards, there was a chance for a little more retail therapy, as Derek had brought around Martin’s trains again, plus some interesting tools, paint and other construction items.  I, of course, came away with a little something…..

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