How to do an undecorated model

I was delighted to receive my long ordered Rapido Osgood-Bradley coaches.  I was less delighted that they chose to take the money from my account just as the pound tanked after Brexit!

The Rapido models are delightful, and full of detail.  Lighting is included….

Photo: Rapido

Photos: Rapido


They are also not quite right for the Lehigh Valley.  The Lehigh ones had a straight, rather than domed, roof at the ends, and were 11, rather than 10, window models.  But do I have the nerve to carve up a model like this?  I think the Rapido ones are close enough – and I can always invoke Rule 1 – surely you heard about that extra batch of coaches that the Lehigh bought second-hand…..


Rapido certainly show the way as to how to present an undecorated model.  Opening the box we see the coach – but where are the windows?


Very sensibly, in a packet under the coach, along with plastic and etched details, and full instructions, so you can fit them after painting.  That’s how it should be done.


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