Details for carriage interiors

At the risk of again entering the political arena, I wondered whether Jeremy Corbyn’s recent escapades offer a modelling opportunity?

(For our overseas readers, or those sensible enough not to engage with the depressing world news, Mr Corbyn recently starred in a video showing him having to sit on the floor in the vestibule of a train operated by Virgin, due to acute overcrowding.

However, Virgin then released CCTV of him walking through a carriage with plenty of empty seats, and having perched on the floor for a while, then return to a seat for the rest of the journey.

The exact facts of the matter remain unclear, but I don’t fancy his chances against Mr Branson.)


Pictures: Daily Telegraph

Back to the modelling opportunity – how about sitting politicians in your coach vestibules – especially if there are no other passengers?  A little modification to existing figures may be necessary, then your imagination’s the limit – Churchill, Ghandi, Attila the Hun, Trump, Boris even.

Have you ever had a loose piece of plastic rattle around inside a carriage and you have stuck the roof on so it can’t be retrieved without major surgery?  Be encouraged!!  The prototype-for-everything department spotted these pictures of the ill-fated Southern Railway in the Surrey Mirror.  Nice to see that the big railways sometimes have the same problems as us modellers….



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