Reflections on a wedding

I’d better give a report on the auspicious day, before I get back to trains again…..

No. 1 son was duly married off, and all went well.  The whole day was a lot of fun, and all went smoothly.  The civil ceremony was delightfully relaxed, helped by a sympathetic registrar.  I guess it doesn’t matter whether it’s a church or civil wedding – the whole atmosphere is helped by those officiating.  We got to the key wedding contract, and he said, “Michael, you say your lines first, then Vickie has the last words.”  Voice from somewhere on her side of the family, “And not for the last time.”

Here’s the bride and groom, bridesmaids, best men (can’t trust them on their own) and ushers….


It was also the wedding of the selfie and photobomb.  This one seems to contain both my daughters (eldest taking the photo) and a lot of my nephews and nieces.  They had a lot of fun all afternoon – how to be silly without too much alcohol!


I decided that the father of the groom is a strange role.  You don’t even become a mother-in-law, like my better half.  It felt like exhibiting at another model railway club’s exhibition – there are a few things to do, but you’re not really responsible for anything!

So I mainly sat around the place and talked.  And laughed.  One of Michael’s old friends had come from Russia (he’s of Russian descent) for the wedding.  He’s now happily married and settled down in a ‘Stan somewhere between Moscow and Siberia.  When we last met he was just a little out of order.  I’d never heard how he had a pet cabbage at home, that he kept in a cage.  I was told how he was seen walking around Redhill in his boxer shorts, taking said cabbage for a walk on a dog lead.  Wonderful what a selection of dodgy chemicals can do for you….  But ‘cabbage’, ‘pet’, lead.  I cracked up.

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