TINGS 2016 #2

So to some more TINGS layouts….

It was good to see some UK overhead electric layouts.  An interesting, but under-modelled subject.  Perhaps we’ll see more layouts now economical overhead masts are available.  I won’t insist on the ‘N-cat’ route with live overhead lines.

Hatch End is based on the UK west coast main line in the 1980’s, just out of Euston.  This simplest of track plans consists of four parallel British Rail overhead electric main lines plus two London Underground Bakerloo lines.  Very satisfying to watch…..



Lumpton Bank is set on the electrified east coast main line in 2000.  Only double track this time, but once again the aim is to watch the trains go by.


City Basin Goods should have appeared on the first post of favourite layouts.  A western region city freight yard shunting layout, with lots of large urban warehouses and non-passenger rolling stock.  All shunting is (usually) hands-free.  Ticks all my boxes!




Millfield Yard does much the same for the Southern Region in the post-privatisation era.  Any layout with Class 73’s gets my vote.


Meacham is a large club layout that was for sale.  Too big for my loft!  I liked the 1oo terraced houses, firmly placing it in the north of England, and even more the busy steam loco depot.



The Vale of Oxbury models the Western Region in the 1960’s.  Meacham has all the grime.  This layout is how us aged trainspotters remember railways – everything spotless and the sun always shining – NOT!  However, both approaches are equally valid and satisfying to look at.  And to be fair, those Hymek’s in the second picture are well weathered.




Ludlow is based on the Shropshire station and has a similar feel to the last layout.



Finally for today, one shot of Burton Parva, set in the Midlands.  I liked the bridges and quay scene shown below.


And as for the shopping, I managed to spend quite a bit, despite there being few bargains left on the Sunday.  A couple of coaches, some bits from BH Enterprises, and one or two odds and ends soon filled my (very small) bag.  I couldn’t take a large rucksack after the N Gauge Forum thread suggesting that there were a number of punters at TINGS who didn’t change their clothes for a month before the show, ate raw onions and carried an army pack for a rucksack.  I didn’t spot any, but I know what they mean…..

I was more concerned the previous weekend at Gaugemaster by the more corpulent punters who had difficulty seeing our layout due to the stomach overhanging the rails.

Final pictures will appear in the next post….


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