That was the week, that was…..

Well, it’s been quite some week……

The new budgie has been named ‘Busta’, as he spends his whole time trying to break out of his cage…..


And sit on the lampshade…..

Chantelle, my youngest, completed her music course at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, having deferred it for over a year due to illness.  All delivered with half an hour to spare at 2:30pm, having picked the dissertation up from the bookbinders.  I think she only had 2 hours sleep last night, and finished an essay in the car to upload at ACM…. Still, she got there, and it should be good enough to get her degree. I am now less stressed!

She did a final set at ACM for her exams, and this was excellent.  Forgive the proud father who has attached the YouTube video (20 minutes), taken on my phone…..

And on the principle – if you want something done, give it to a busy man – I’ve made a lot of progress on my N-club module.  More photos to follow, and it should be seen in the flesh (without the snow scene) at the Stuttgart meet….


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  1. Complete with landlocked voiture cinema! Interesting…


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