Jon’s modules – should I make some changes?

Over the past three years or so, my N-club modules have made slow progress.  Totalling 3.6m in length, along the loft wall, they represent Rochelle Park on the Lehigh Valley.  The layout has got to the point when it is ready for ballast and then scenery.


The trouble is, I’m just finding it too big to enjoy.  Over the last three years, I realise that I actually LIKE small layouts.  So the 800mm module on the right has been dropped off, and is being developed as a stand-alone N-club scenic module.  And I’ve really enjoyed working on a single, small, board, with a clear idea of what I am trying to portray.  (All will be revealed in a week or so, as I am taking the board to Stuttgart.)

So do I scrap three years work and does it matter?  In one sense no, as I have had a lot of fun building and learning as I have built the modules.  And it wouldn’t be a total scrap job.  I was wondering whether to keep the left hand end board, drop the second left one out, and then relay the sidings on the 1200mm board.  This would then make a 2m long switching layout – perhaps something like this, that I recently posted about….


The double track N-club main line would still run along the front of the layout and not need rewiring.

If I do this, what could I improve in my modelling?  I think the key thing would be better trackwork.  PECO is not bad, but doesn’t look that good and the clearances are very coarse.  Also, code 40 rather than code 55 rail will improve things.  If it were a UK layout, FineTrax would be a good option, but I might have to think about making my own track on copper clad sleepers.  I’ve done it before (when I was at school….) and no doubt I could relearn these skills.  Add a limited amount of weathered rolling stock, with the new Microtrains Scale Couplers, and a couple of locomotives, and I’ll have just about the right length of operating session.

And maybe DCC and sound???????

I’ll let you know what I’m going to do, gentle reader, when I have some idea myself!

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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