ESNG meeting – 1 December 2016

Well, it was the post-Stuttgart blues tonight.  The Cha(I)rman was at home, suffering from the pre-Christmas milk round blues.  By 7:45pm, the three of us who were there were seriously considering going home.  We did have a look at Martin’s N-club Ford layout, to see how we could get rid of the high points causing occasional derailments and decoupling.  But two more arrived, then a couple more, so we quickly put up a small circuit and got things running.

Running was a bit erratic at first, till we cleaned the track.  After all, the layout had more running time at Stuttgart, than for the rest of the year here in the UK.  Only the one train in the fiddle yard so far, but Graham is looking to get something going….


Paul had a Japanese breakdown train in action….


My birthday present (today).  A bargain from Rails of Sheffield, and I took the opportunity to run it in.  I do like the bright National Coal Board livery, and it would look great heavily weathered, but it is earmarked for a coat of black paint and side-skirts (in the post from Etched Pixels) to be a Wisbech and Upwell tram locomotive.  And possible reworked windows if I am feeling brave!


Rather like this, in 1966….


Derek was running one of Martin’s old trains, a Farish class 40 and sleeping car train.  A lovely model, although the new Farish 40 due out next year will be even better, at least from the photos of the model to date.




And on a different note, what did I do right last month?  Same old rubbish witty comments on modelling and railways in general, but nearly 3,000 reads, 50% more than usual!  No answers, please, and no doubt December will be a disaster, since pride cometh before a fall…..


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  1. Look forward to seeing stats continue to go upwell… along with your little loco.


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