Ron’s Rambles #1

A new contributor to the blog for the next couple of days – Ron Dawes, brother of Allan.  Ron is on safari in deepest Germany, around Leipzig and Hanover, I think, visiting an eclectic mix of Christmas markets and stations.  So welcome, Ron, and thanks for the photographs!

We start on the Harz metre gauge lines – at least I think that’s where Ron is looking on the map!



My German is so good that I thought ‘Gleis’ is a place – not Platform 1.  I do like the trains, but Ron is welcome to the weather.  Is there on a Christmas market in June for me?



What a handsome brute – of a loco, I mean….


The Harz website is an interesting read.  The key figures it gives are:

  • 25 steam locomotives
  • 16 diesel engines
  • 48 train stations
  • 140.4 km of tracks
  • 1,000 mm gauge network

An extensive system, as this map shows:


Next three shots from a ‘cold and damp’ Goslar.


Ron must have been shivering taking this one – or perhaps it was late afternoon and just getting dark!


I like the semaphore signal still in use.


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