New Edinburgh station

I must have spend 15 years or so involved in the river works around Edinburgh Airport, that is adjacent to the River Almond and the runway and terminal are on top of the flood prone Gogar Burn.  It was interesting to see this article on the new station at Gogar, next to the airport.  This station is on an existing line, adjacent to the airport, and in fact on the route to the nearby iconic Forth Bridge.

The Edinburgh Gateway interchange, situated between South Gyle and Dalmeny, will serve passengers from Fife and the north of the city.  The station will link the capital’s northern train line to the tram network and Edinburgh Airport and offer local travellers services to Perth, Dundee and Inverness.
A combined train and tram ticket will also be available to passengers.  The station lies next to the Gogar roundabout on the A8 and will also have a link to the Gyle shopping centre.

These artists impressions show more than the photos I found online of the opening,


Photo: Network Rail


This seems a better solution, with a station a short tram ride from the airport terminal, than the solution proposed when I was working on the rivers.  The railway would have had a station adjacent to the terminal.  The trouble was that it would then need a very steep gradient for the railway to drop under the runway, and then join the line the new station is on north of the airport.  Special multiple units would be needed, with all carriages powered to get up the slope.  And there were the construction problems of a shallow tunnel under both the runway and the River Almond.  Any mistakes could close down the airport or fill the tunnel with water.

I do miss the occasional day trip to Edinburgh, getting no further than the BAA administrative building next to the terminal.  And it did give me a chance to pick up a haggis at duty free on the way home.  On one occasion, Atlantic gales meant that I was on the last flight out before it got too windy and they stopped all flights.  I’m told that on that occasion the planes were landing, then moving backwards in the wind when they released the brakes.

The other incident of note was when the Pope visited Scotland, and as the lady we were dealing with was also coordinating the papal arrival, we got to see the whole arrival from a control centre.  We asked whether the Pope would be presented with a deep-fried Mars Bar on arrival.  The contemptuous reply was, “This is Edinburgh, not Glasgow.”

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