Links to end 2016

If you, like me, are still working off the Christmas Day turkey (or cod for our Scandinavian readers….),  here are a few links to read.

First the Southern Railways epic fail award #1.  If you can’t get it right on rails, what chance of success have you on the road?

Rail road chaos: Southern Rail train causes delays after lorry carrying it gets stuck


By all accounts, it was all more good natured than the railways – the lorry got a round of applause once it had freed itself and moved on.

Secondly, from that select publication, the North West Evening Mail….

Driver gaffe led to two-hour delay on South Lakes train

UNDER-FIRE bosses at a train company have been left red-faced after finally admitting a South Lakes service was delayed for two hours – because the driver left his conductor stranded on a platform.  Commuters travelling on the Northern Rail service were forced to wait for more than two hours after the train’s conductor was left behind at Cark.  The embarrassing mishap meant the employee had to be ferried by taxi to Ulverston.

Definitely the Southern Railways epic fail award #2.  Please make up your mind whether you are one-man operated or not!  Mind you, didn’t Thomas do something similar?


Finally, one that is less an epic fail, but more one for the Darwin Awards!

Cyclist’s near-miss with train released

Footage of a cyclist coming within inches of being hit by a train is released as a railway safety warning

The video is far scarier than the picture below…..


I hope he was aware of his surroundings just enough to need replacement underwear.

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