ESNG meeting – 6 January 2017

A slow start to the meeting – at 7:30pm Derek, Derek and I were wondering whether to go home.  Then a visitor arrived (welcome Alex) and we thought that we had better get some trains running.  And in the end we had 10 members present (but no Cha(I)rman – again.)


It was probably Christmas present testing time.  Graham had this attractive Kato loco running in, but had difficulty getting the double-stack container wagons to couple.


Neil was running a very colourful train of Mega-box containers and wagons, whilst in the background, Paul had some new Japanese hopper wagons.



Not new, but first time out the box was my Dapol Class 22 and six milk tankers.  I couldn’t resist a Dapol website half price offer a few months ago.  The Class 22 must be one of Dapol’s better locos – it ran perfectly out of the box.  The train was completed by an NGS Dapol Collett full brake coach, making a very attractive train.



I didn’t get a photo of it, but Peter was running a very nice Dapol Flying Scotsman in the unusual post-war all black livery, with just NE on the tender.

We’ll see what turns up for the PlayDay on Sunday (it’s rumoured that the Cha(I)rman will be there!!)




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  2. Surely 6 Jan 2017 not 2016? 🙂


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