ESNG PlayDay – 8 January 2017

Yesterday’s Playday was another pleasant afternoon playing trains.  Only seven members, but it was good to see old member (from 10 years ago) Andy and fiance.  And also Alex came back with trains to run and clutching money to give to the treasurer – who was missing!  However, the Cha(I)rman made a welcome appearance!

We soon got a largish circuit running…..


It was model testing time again.  Allan has waited two years for the release of this lovely old electric (but that handrail on the right needs a tweak.)


I had plucked up courage and tested the Farish unrebuilt Merchant Navy Pacific that I bought new at less than half price at a collector’s fair.  It seems to run fine.  The coal is missing from the tender, but that’s easily fixed with the real thing.  I’ve borrowed the photo below, as my camera didn’t take any decent shots of the model.  This livery was very transitory – Southern malachite green with British Railways lettering and number, but it looks very attractive.


Paul was accumulating Japanese stock in the fiddle yard.  It will look a little empty when he holidays in Japan next month!


Graham put together his container train having read the instructions….  Only another 100 or so wagons to be realistic.


And of course Miles attended…..


The evening finished with the usual, and well attended, curry.

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