Oh I do like to be beside the seaside….

From last weeks news….  Firstly, an Atlantic storm passed through the UK, with some high winds around the south coast.  The rail line along the sea front at Dawlish was under attack from the sea once again, and these fine bits of film were taken.

The Daily Telegraph leads with:

Passenger films from carriage as train is lashed by huge waves travelling along notorious Dawlish line

Train passengers travelling along the line that passes through the Devon town of Dawlish saw their carriage lashed by large waves on Friday. Emma Rowe was travelling on the 9:06 train from Paddington to Plymouth when her train was hit by one of the waves. Ms Rowe was filming her journey along the famous railway line hoping to capture the moment the wave struck.


And the “The Herald” says:

Watch the driver’s view as storm waves batter train

This video taken from the cab of a CrossCountry train shows how waves batter the railway line at Dawlish during storms.
CrossCountry was forced to cancel services at the height of the spring tide yesterday and today.  This view shows that the line can be a challenge even when the tide has ebbed.

Watch the full video at the link above.


Other articles discuss the planned diversion of this piece of line.  It won’t come cheap…

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