Swanage Strictly Bullied Steam Gala #2

Second episode of the Derek & Allan show from Swanage…..

Load testing the footbridge…..

Rebuilt Battle of Britain 34053, ‘Sir Keith Park’.  Park was in operational command during two of the most significant air battles in the European theatre in the Second World War, helping to win the Battle of Britain and the Battle of Malta. In Germany, he was supposedly known as “the Defender of London”. (From Wikipedia).

And un-rebuilt Battle of Britain class, 34070, ‘Manston’.  Manston, in East Kent, was a key air base during the Battle of Britain.

To finish, a little scenic inspiration.  It’s probably more difficult to model this well, than a brand new coach….

And last but not least, I don’t think Bullied had much to do with this, but I like it!

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