ESNG Exhibition 2017 #4

The Kato Racetrack had (I think) 14 independent circuits to run all of Paul’s bullet trains and some other trains as well.

Another small shunting layout, Tunbridge Yard West  is a 4ft x 1.5ft, modern image, layout set in the early 90s as a shunting / storage yard for Network Rail, diesels with some emu storage sidings.  It is loosely based on Tunbridge Yard West and the Inglenook Sidings set up.  I liked the electric pylons in the background, though I’d probably break them if I tried to uncouple anything on the layout.

Oakhurst is a terminus station on an a ficticious preserved line. The line is home to a fleet of both steam and heritage diesels, with the mainline connection at Newbridge adding further traffic from incoming railtours.

Forrestone is based on a fictional spur off a south London main line comprising two platforms and a locomotive depot for a freight company. It is run on DCC, and will be controlled by iPad and iPhone.  Looks like there is a steam gala in the bay…..

BH Enterprises had their usual spot, selling all the bits and pieces you never knew you needed!  Here’s proof positive that Bob was awake…..

And I have to make a mention of our catering team, who fed and watered the home team and visitors throughout the day.

And finally, we packed up and retired to the Ruchita for the traditional curry.  So that’s it till next year, folks!!!

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