Odd modelling idea(s) #2017

In case you missed it on N Gauge Forum, I can recommend this video.  Not for the faint hearted and for some of these high altitude trips it would be wise to carry a change of underwear…..

I am sorry that I didn’t find out about the Bangkok folding market when I was working there.  It looks a fascinating sight, and how about an animated version for a model diorama?  The railcars are similar to the US Budd version.

I did however, visit the River Kwai and stayed near the Burma Railway on the river.  And one of my great adventures was two trips on Bangladesh Railways from Chittagong up to Dhaka.  Not so many roof riders on my ‘express’ but there was lots to see as we trundled through the rice fields, and the entrance to Dhaka was through slums that came within inches of the train.  Here’s another article on Bangladesh trains….

Back to the dangerous railways, perhaps there are a few potential models there, but most of them would require baseboards as high as they are long!

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