ESNG meeting – 2 November 2017

It turned out to be a busy night, with 13 members turning up through the evening.  We weren’t expecting Paul and Honest John, who were off to Eurospoor the following morning, but both were there for much of the evening.

The usual variety of trains were running, but no photos, I’m afraid.  The Cha(I)rman and Secretary and Mr Atfield dozed in the comfy chairs (yes we have a few of those) and planned the assault on the West Sussex show on Friday.  Our excuses were varied.  Allan was working to much, Derek had jet-lag from the clocks going back and had got up (very) early.  I’d just had a busy day – new smart meters fitted at home, washing machine delivered and installed by me at home, visits by a plumber to home and church to quote for some well needed work.  All a bit much…..

But here are a couple of links in compensation for the pictures….

Train liveries are well documented, but railway buildings are sometimes more difficult to pin down.  For example, what was GWR light stone and dark stone.  This site, “Station Colours”, does what it says on the can and looks very useful.

And less usefully, the best alternative London Underground maps.

And remember we’re exhibiting at the West Sussex show this weekend (The Angmering School, Greenwood Drive, Station Road, Angmering, West Sussex BN16 4HH.)  It looks a good, large show, with exhibits in all gauges and trade support.  Do come along!

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