ESNG meeting – PlayDay 12 November 2017

Another railway session on Sunday with our scheduled PlayDay.  We had two layouts on the go.  In the background, we have the usual circuit, largely monopolised by Simon and Graham’s American passenger trains.

In the foreground, we put together (again) most of the layout for Stuttgart.  We seem to have got the track alignments and electrics right, and we were happily running a train around without derailing.

In the picture below, the Cha(I)rman is in typical and reflective mode with tea, and Simon looks a little challenged by Mile’s cake….

Super-power passes Lowater Basin….

Allan’s cement train passes Derek’s test running B1…..

The previous day was spent in London, as my eldest was home from Berlin for a few days, and we had a rare opportunity for parents, three children and daughter-in-law to meet up for a meal.  Her dog and our budgie were not invited.  Dim sum in Chinatown, and very good it was too.  And this was the emergency choice of restaurant – our usual haunt had been shut down by the hygiene inspectors due to mice.

Below, my better half is taking on the chickens feet challenge – and enjoying them!

This was followed by a short walk to the Embankment, then a long, cold, wait to see the Lord Mayor’s firework display.  Well worth the wait!  Coming home was by an interesting route – train from Charing Cross to London Bridge, then train London Bridge to Earlswood.  I don’t think I have caught a train from Charing Cross since 1976, when I was living in Petts Wood with my parents.


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