Update on the ESNG Exhibition 2018….

Our 2018 exhibition planning is all planned, barring any late changes, and I’ll start to thing about it again after this week at Stuttgart.

Layouts on show will include:

  • ESNG N-mod/N-club modular layout
  • West Sussex group N-mod modular layout
  • Forrestone (UK modern)
  • Freshwater (2mm finescale IOW)
  • City Basin Goods (BR Western Region)
  • Maxwell (UK)
  • St Elizabeth Street (UK modern)
  • Berry Town (UK, BR era)
  • Stoughton Road (UK)
  • Fichtelbergbahn (Germany, Nm)
  • Kato racetrack (Japan)

I’m pleased to have a 2mm finescale layout on show, and Duncan’s large Nm layout is also a new venture.  Both are part of the 2mm/N family, so I think they will add interest and variety to the show,

Trade will include:

  • BH Enterprises
  • NScaleCH
  • Invicta (hopefully, if they are back on the circuit again, after a torrid year)
  • JB Modelworld
  • Ian Grace
  • Club shop

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to use St Joseph’s School in 2019.  So we are going to hold a joint show with N Gauge Forum.  We’ll combine our experience of running a series of ‘N’ gauge shows, plus Chris’ contacts on NGF for access to layouts.  Perhaps we need to say that we are not trying to rival or imitate TINGS.  There’s plenty of room for another ‘N’ gauge show, and we want to try and keep our friendly, club based, atmosphere, that is also the image (usually successful) of NGF.

Perhaps the only down side is us having to leave our ancestral home of Redhill, and move to Purley, plus access to Riddlesdown by public transport is not ideal.

But we’ve decided to give it a go.  To boldly go and all that jazz.  It even has a name and branding that reflects our location!

After Stuttgart, I’d better start thinking about 6 April 2019, as well as 2018.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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