Filling boxcars with stuffing

Last day today…..   Then packing up, and a flight home for me, and a long drive back to the UK for Allan and Derek.


But here’s a link to bemuse y’all….

No, Horace, I know Christmas is coming, but not that sort of stuffing…..

Not sure how much this topic has had devoted to this but it strikes me that the typical closed boxcar is a great resonance chamber, my thoughts are to simply put some sort of stuffing into space to “kill” the sound waves and potentially help quieten the unwanted noises. I’ve posted some images below of before and after.

Non scientifically they do seem to have a “denser” sound to them when  moving down track, but this may be a perception or wish rather than whats actually happening. Has anyone else looked into this or doing something similar?

This is a fascinating idea!  Probably more relevant for the larger scales, but I’ve never seen it done before.  It may still be helpful for metal models in ‘N’.

Follow the thread here.

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