Stuttgart 2017 #3 – Around the N-club modules

Today, a look at some of the N-club modules on show.  Some are there every year, but they are impressive pieces of work that are always worth a look.  I took most of these shots before the show opened, so they are mainly of scenery with few trains on view.

This station is one of my favourites.  It’s to scale size, with long platforms, and the buildings and figures create a very pleasing scene.

Here’s the American version.  Some strange modern buildings….

And back to Germany.  Another regular at Stuttgart, but it gets extended year by year.  It’s interesting to compare UK and European modelling.  We tend toward scratch building our structures, but in Europe full use is made of the many building kits available.  The knack is then to personalise and customise them into a realistic scene.  This has certainly been achieved in the layout below.  From the layouts that I have seen, perhaps the nearest to UK modelling is the Dutch.  They seem to have a more ‘English’ approach to layout design and scenery.  I often find the most interesting layouts are English built layouts of European or American prototypes.  I am obviously conditioned and biased by my own culture, but the combination of UK modelling ethos and overseas prototypes can make for an excellent model.

Another module, with the trains appearing between the buildings.

On shed….

And another bridge….

Is it a protest, a medieval procession, or just the regional equivalent of Morris men???

This engine depot puts ERIC to shame – it’s gigantic and the locos (even German 2-10-0’s) are dwarfed by the site.

Not sure whether the crane works….

The South African modules make a regular appearance, being stored at a nearby club, and make a pleasant change from European scenery.

Lastly today, Duncan takes to the air again, but over the ESNG modules…..

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3 Responses to Stuttgart 2017 #3 – Around the N-club modules

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    It is all rather starting to see this, as I live a 30 minute bike ride from the Stuttgart Messe. I tend to ignore their adverts:far to many people for me generally, but I’ll have to keep an eye out next year and see if I can come…


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