Stuttgart 2017 #2 – Another day at the office

Thursday morning, and the show opened its doors.  Thursday was the quietest day, as some of the exhibitions in the adjoining halls didn’t start till the Friday.  The Messe has an admirable system, where one pays once to enter the 10 hall complex, then can visit all the exhibitions all day.

When measured up, the modular layouts added up to about 450m in length.  This didn’t include the stand-alone layouts, like West Sussex, but I think it did include the main N-club layout, the DCC layout, and the Nm layout.

And here’s Duncan’s panorama…

Another view of our empire, from the balcony.

We were fortunate in having good friends as our ‘neighbours’.  On one side of the junction was Olly, and his very detailed distribution depot and demolition site.

And on the other was Stefan’s lovely set of modules, that formed a sweeping curve, and made a change from the usual straight lines of the modules.  Lots of clean, detailed, modelling, including a farmyard with animal noises and swans swimming around a pond.  Stefan has been a good friend to ESNG, keeping us up-to-date with all that is going on, so it was good to ply him with mugs of tea, mince pies, and stilton cheese.

Thursday evening was time for the usual lock-in party, where all the exhibiting groups bring national dishes to share.  For the UK, it was Sussex Ale, cider, clotted cream and jam scones, cheese, mince pies and Walkers crisps.  Other European contributions were more exotic – I am told that the Dane’s curried raw herring is wonderful, but I can never face it!  There is also a significant potential to start the show on Friday morning with a nasty pale green tint to the face, if you have been drinking schnapps and vodka with the Danes and Finns.  I avoided this, but definitely ate too much cheese and dreamt  rather a lot….

Not to be missed is the Swiss raclette, a Swiss cheese that is melted on a special grill contraption (below) and scraped onto a slice of bread.  Delicious!

Duncan took a fly-by of the food (note the UK ale at the start!)

Finally, today, proof that the German sense of humour is as poor (or as good) as the British.  This was on a sign for one of the ladies toilets…..  I make absolutely no comment, in case it lowers my life expectancy.

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