ESNG meeting – 20 December 2017

‘Twas the night before Christmas…..  Well almost, and 11 gentlemen escaped for the evening to regain their sanity, run a few trains and eat Miles’ Christmas cake.

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without Paul running his Santa Special…..

Derek was running a Class 33 and cement wagons….

Peter had taken some of his German stock out of storage, and it was good to see some interesting and different models on the move.  I was tempted to buy one of these in Stuttgart this year…

And I am always tempted to buy one of these!  I have a soft spot for early German multiple units, but have bravely resisted to date – I have enough other interests.

And some steam traction….

Ian B was running this Japanese unit, which is the same, or very similar, to the one that Ian C saw in a Japanese railway museum….

And a festive competition.  Which club member (or members) does this remind you of?  Please don’t send me any answers – I’m in enough trouble as it is…..


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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