ESNG meeting – 1 February 2018

A busy evening with a round dozen members attending (some more round than others.)Unfortunately we were still missing the Cha(I)rman’s tea making expertise.  But the usual suspects were soon filling the fiddleyard.

Derek brought along his Kato Kowloon Canton Railway set.  I have happy memories of seeing these in the 1990’s, often being overtaken by (or overtaking) one of these whilst driving up the Tolo Highway in Hong Kong.  The trains of PRC stock that ran some of the other cross-border trains were perhaps more interesting, but these push-pull units, with a loco on each end, were very stylish.

Here’s a single set of carriages running in through the northern new Territories.

I hadn’t noticed that Bachmann had produced this special edition KCR WD 2-8-0 in ‘OO’.  Please could we have a ‘N’ gauge one?

Peter was running (amongst other things) this lovely Spanish loco.  The shop grey livery no doubt didn’t last very long.

Simon’s Santa Fe (ex-Norfolk & Western) Y4 looked good, and with built in DC sound, has a large enough tender for two loudspeakers and some pretty good sound effects.   A train of Paul’s Japanese tank wagons is parked behind.

Once again the layout displayed the diverse taste of the members.  I didn’t get a shot of the Gatwick Express (it can be seen in the second photograph) and other UK DMUs that got a run out through the evening.  I suspect that the only ‘club layout’ that we could ever build would be an international railway museum…..

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