On my workbench #7

Delivery of a 450mm wide ‘half’ hollow door has provided a home for my new N-club modules – and indeed any other small layout in the future.  After investing in a stud-wall detector, three large brackets support the door as a shelf.  A small extension on one end fills the gap there and makes a home for the inevitable extension lead.  Above are the equally inevitable blue boxes full of stock.

And also the best investment I have made for a while.  A Sonos Play 3 streaming speaker, that I bought with some expiring air miles.  It’s even easier to retreat to the loft when modelling can be accompanied by the Blues.

Here’s the layout in place…

And having connected the two boards physically and electrically, there was a Golden Spike moment when my loco travelled all 2m from one end to the other.

A few buildings in place gave the idea.  In order to operate the point switches, the layout has had to be reversed to have the viewing side against the wall.  But I think that this will OK for operation, as the buildings are all fairly low.

And my latest structure – a section house.  The photos show that this is not one of my better efforts – too many poor joints and poor painting.  But the photos are cruel, being larger than real life, and the naked eye is far more forgiving!  I have a second kit, so I may have another try – it’s a good little model.

Now I really must get on with the ballasting.

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  1. What are the blue boxes you keep your stock in?

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