ESNG meeting – 21 February 2018

We were missing both the Cha(I)rman on another anti-social milk round, and Mr Atfield dodging the rain (I think) in Cyprus.  But with a number of visitors we had 12 people there and plenty of trains running.  It was also good to see John after his recent house move to the coast.

My son Michael dropped in to run his Christmas presents and some recent purchases.  Rule 1 definitely applied, as I’m not sure how many horses were transported on the London Underground – but it made for an attractive little train.

Brian’s goods train changed era, and became older, along its length.  It also had a worrying emphasis on beer vans…..

Paul had the usual selection of technicolour Japanese bullet trains (and car carriers).

And a Japanese breakdown train with two ‘big hooks’ ready for the next derailment.

And I sold 9 ESNG anniversary wagons, so that was a result.  We’ll be meeting again next Thursday – it’s a funny month with the first Thursday being the 1st of the month – and we’ll see who braves the sub-zero temperatures forecast for the UK.

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  1. sed30 says:

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  2. Mark says:

    Rule 1? I thought Rule 1 was “Do not act incautiously when confronting little bald wrinkly smiling men!” 🙂

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