Escaping the ‘beast’ #2

Well, ESNG didn’t escape – we just opened up for a cup of tea on Thursday evening, but didn’t try to run trains.  Just a few local stalwarts turned up…  But let’s see how Ron is getting on over there in Switzerland….

Today’s question

Snow on roof of St Gallen Hbf but where did I take photo from?

“Lying on your side on a different roof???????”

First of all the answer to the question of the day is “from the window of the men’s toilet in the Mirror Restaurant on the first floor of the main station building” I got a funny look from someone who walked in as I was taking it.

“Too much detail, Ron. Especially the funny looks…… 😊”

“Should’ve taken it from the window in the ‘Ladies’ Ron. Better view but you’d still get funny looks!”

Question of the day

What country am I in?

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto??? From the car number plate, Italy??? Though of course the car could be just visiting.

Earlier picture was of the square outside Tirano Station just over the border in Italy.

Weather is still very cold though slightly warmer at around minus 15 degrees. I have done a round trip to Tirano, Italy changing at Samedan and Pontresina with a stop on the way back at Alp Grum for a bite to eat and a hot drink.

The Italian shunters were having trouble in moving the electric locomotive. From what I could see they had trouble releasing the brakes on the electric and then filling up the water on the shunter.

“Nice images of the overhead catenary in the first batch. I imagine these were obtained by using the technique you tried out yesterday, poking your camera out of the toilet window on the train? Love the little orange steeplecab in the last batch.”

With the exception of the station shot everything was shot through non-opening train windows.

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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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  1. Mark says:

    RhB is a favourite of mine. (I have a small collection of BEMO and other HOm against the day…). Looking forward to #3. 🙂

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