Escaping the ‘beast’ #1

As the UK shivers under the ‘beast from the east’, we are all dreaming of escaping somewhere – probably a tropical beach.  However, Ron has gone east on holiday to Switzerland.  At least they are used to it….  (Note for our USA readers.  I know that -5C isn’t really cold at all, but it feels distinctly parky to us Brits.)

From the Southern Railways site on Thursday morning:

Due to an 8 foot icicle in a tunnel at #Balcolmbe, services between Brighton and Gatwick are subject to delay. Engineers are working to remove this icicle.

Ron’s holiday this time has been enlivened by a certain amount of email banter from those he is sending the photos to.  So here we go!

Switzerland day 1

Arrived Zurich by plane and made my way to Filisur by train. Wanted photos at Zurich HBF but battery had died. Please find photos of the view up the Albula Valley, my hotel and the 5pm crossing at Filisur Station all taken when it was snowing.

“I assume you have gone to Switzerland for the warm weather….”

Have got my thermals on. Maximum temperature this week is forecast to be minus 10 and it was snowing when I arrived.

Not sure whether that is Centigrade, Fahrenheit or Kelvin?

Switzerland day 2

A very cold day. According to my phone temperature was hovering around minus 20 degrees all day so kept mainly to trains. Did round trip from Chur to Arosea and then returned to Filisur via Klostera S, Vereina Tunnel, Ramadan and the Albula line.


[Sorry, it gets a bit surreal here. Ed.]

Where is the lake in this photo?

“I don’t know.”

“In the middle of the photo, behind the ice wall and in front of the buildings, but under the ice and snow. If you turn the photo over you’ll probably be able to see it on the back.”

“I don’t know about your’s Ron, but my picture’s thawed out now and the lake is clearly visible!”

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