On my workbench #8

Not much to report on the workbench….  Too much thinking and not enough modelling over the past month.  And too much exhibition organisation.  But I have thought again about my N-club modules.  I decided that I really did want to be able to operate the layout from both sides, and be able to look from the ‘outside’ when the layout is at home, allowing the buildings to form a backdrop.

Rather than duplicate the point switches on the other side of the layout, I have gone for the expensive option, DCC operation of the points.  A package of Cobalt gubbins arrived last week, and I need to build a control panel and rewire.  Disadvantage – cost.  Advantage – layout with control panel is reversible, just two wires control all the pointson the layout, and the control panel is connected to the layout by a single Ethernet cable rather than a 20+ way multipin plug with all the attendant wiring.

The track is still very much DC controlled, though.  We’ll see what happens…..

This month’s copy of British Railway Modelling is worth the purchase – especially when it can be picked up for 99p.  There are three excellent layouts described in detail.

Treneglos models the old Southern ‘Withered Arm’ in North Cornwall.  Lovely modelling in ‘OO’ and interesting to see how the layout evolved.

Windsor Hill is in ‘N’, based on part of the Somerset & Dorset.  A scenic, rail fan, layout to watch the trains go by.  It’s distinguished by the use of FineTrax code 40 track, that makes the layout difficult to distinguish from its larger scale cousins.

Finally, one of my favourites, Albion Yard in ‘OO’.  A small shunting layout, set in the Forest of Dean, this article is again interesting as it describes the evolution of the layout.  I especially liked the semi-scenic fiddle yard, that allows some view into the hidden area, but allows stock to be changed unseen.

But I especially liked the letter reproduced below.  Not only for the level of detail on modern models, but also for the fact that there’s still someone in the trade and hobby with a sense of humour.  It may offend the occasional rivet-counter, but we need more details like this!

And don’t forget the ESNG show in Redhill on Saturday!

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