ESNG exhibition 2018 #1

Well, that’s another exhibition done and dusted.  I’ll report more fully through the week, but here are my initial thoughts.

Numbers were a little down on last year.  This was probably due to it being the last weekend of the school holidays but especially because it was the first warm, sunny, day for weeks.  I understand that all the shops – even places like Bluewater – were empty, and the parks were heaving.  Even so, we had enough people through for it to look busy for parts of the day, finance should be on the positive side, and we had a lot of fun playing trains for the day.

Our members were great, and turned out in force to make setting up and running the thing very easy.  It also helps knowing the venue well.  In one sense it will be a shame to move next year, as I will have to start thinking again – but a larger show will offer new challenges and will be bigger and hopefully better.

I was also pleased to widen out the show just a fraction to include other parts of the 2mm family.  We had a 2mm finescale layout and and Nm layout.  We don’t want to move into an all-gauge show, but I’m afraid that I have no time for the blinkered ‘N only’ approach.   It’s all about the same size, and I welcome the contrasts and inspiration from what other modellers are doing.  I certainly came away with a few ideas from all the layouts on display.  All I have to do is find time to build them….

A couple of good comments appeared on NGF:

“Well done, chaps! That was an excellent little show. Only small, but at least everything was interesting. It was the first time I have managed to attend – until this year the domestic authorities have always commandeered the car on a Saturday morning”

“I think you’re right this show was a very nice little show and every time I had a wander round there was ALWAYS things moving on every layout .”

The odd comment like this always makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Thanks to Brian for this excellent video of the show.   I’ll post my photographs from the show through the week ahead.

We did get some complements on the catering.  Not surprising with this array of home made cakes to choose from….

Of course, I ended up buying a few odds and ends.  Apart from the cheap Oakwood and RCTS volumes that it would be rude not to help move, I also picked up a set of Farish Kentish private owner wagons, a Farish Seacow (hen’s teeth) and a USA tank kit from BH Enterprises.  Plus the odd pieces of cake though the day, but these are unavailable for photography.

And so onwards and upwards to next year….

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2 Responses to ESNG exhibition 2018 #1

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Glad it went well


  2. Phil Nurthen says:

    Some excellent scenery modelling on show, no doubt admired and enjoyed by the general public.
    However, to those of us who are immersed in our hobby, it is the “behind-the-scenes” that is of great interest – the design and layout of the fiddle yards and the style and method of control.
    One exhibitor remarked that, next time, he might just bring the fiddle yard, as there had been so much interest in it!


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