Links whilst we play trains

A few links for today.  I’ll hope to get a first report of the ESNG show up on Monday.

How about a model of Kim Jong-un’s armoured train?  You make have difficulty modelling his haircut in ‘N’, though.  Lots of articles on the web, but try here and here.

This is just like a normal club night….

Indian runaway train takes 1,000 passengers on engineless journey

India’s railway ministry said a “ghastly” accident had narrowly been avoided after 22 passenger carriages carrying about 1,000 people became detached from a train engine and sped backwards for miles before being stopped.

The runaway carriages rolled for seven miles in the north-eastern state of Odisha before being brought to a shuddering halt by rocks placed on the tracks by railway staff.

Like the ‘rocks placed on the tracks’.  Might be useful on club nights to slow down some of our boy racers!

And two map links from the sometimes interesting CityMetric site…

Literally just 11 London rail maps from the mayor’s transport strategy

Some interesting ideas on London’s transport strategy, with maps.

And what if it would be like if DB took over Transport for London?  “Some German fella has made a map of London’s “S-Bahn” network, and it’s glorious”

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