ESNG exhibition 2018 #3

On the Wednesday night after the show, we thought that there might be a low turn out of members.  Correct, just the six of us.  However, we had thought ahead and asked Paul to bring some Kato track along.  We set up a four track loop on the hall tables and had a pleasant evening chatting and running a few trains.  Certainly a useful idea for future meetings, too.

So back to the show….

As usual, ESNG had a modular layout in the centre of the main hall.  It was a large four track N-mod circuit this year, with no N-club double track modules on show.  We changed things around with Dave’s new canal basin module, and brought Raysden back after a couple of years off.

ERIC the Roundhouse was, of course, there and Neil filled it with his Southern Railway locomotives – and a 2BEL in a siding.  I like the line of Terriers – including an Isle of Wight example second from left with the enlarged bunker.

Sean and Forrestone were there.  I think I’ve taken this shot a number of times, but it’s always worth it – Sean keeps adding more details.

Martin’s St Elizabeth Street is now a regular on the exhibition circuit, and he has now added locomotive sound to the layout.  The diesels sound pretty good, but I am yet to be really convinced by steam engines.  The real challenge is to also include the real lineside sounds, like the clanking of an unfitted goods train after the locomotive has passed.

I loved Stoughton Road.  Folds up and can be tucked under the arm!  At 5′ x 2′ it will sit on a table and provide a pleasant hour’s running.  Again, never say that you haven’t room for a railway.  And the mugs are, of course, slightly out of scale, but a testament to the quality of tea and coffee on offer.

Berry Town ran a DMU service all day.

Maxwell was full of interesting scenic touches, including this bus museum.

A final look at the show follows on the next post.

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