ESNG exhibition 2018 #4

We’ll start today with a few shots of people.  It was good to see Kerry and Invicta there, and they seem to be selling a few things.

John and NScaleCH didn’t do as well….

BH Enterprises must have had a fantastic day.  Not only is Bob awake, but Ray is smiling….  I’ve really valued our ‘regulars’ for traders over the years, and made some good friends in the process.

The main N-mod team, Ian, Michael, Simon and Dave were helped by others through the day.  They not only kept a constant flow of trains running, but also swapped stock around to give plenty of variety – even down to some little Japanese trams.  In the foreground is Derek’s upgraded ‘Goonhilly’ module.  The radar domes used to be a couple of jelly baby container tops salvaged from Stuttgart, but they also attracted a few ribald comments….

And of course the catering team (plus Maxine, who must have been hiding.)  Lily looks a bit shocked at the strawberry cream cake.

Paul and Bruno were operating Paul’s Kato Racetrack.  I think that he had three four-way controllers there to keep things moving.

It’s always a pleasure to host our friends from the West Sussex N Gauge club.

Something new was a visit from the ambulance service, after a visitor fainted and fell off his chair.  We’re not sure whether that was due to the coffee, seeing the strawberry cake, or thinking of the low/high (delete as necessary) prices on the trade stands.  He was taken to the East Surrey for a few tests, but I understand that there were no problems and he was discharged.

That’s the ESNG 2018 show over, and I can now carry on arranging 2019, and the other shows through this year…..  Slight panic Monday, when we found that our usual Stuttgart hotel was fully booked in November.  I have no idea why it’s filled up so quickly.  So some rapid booking was needed at the nearby IBIS.  At least it’s all booked and I got the flights really cheaply….

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3 Responses to ESNG exhibition 2018 #4

  1. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog.


  2. duncanbourne says:

    Pascal, the man who collapsed, is fine. he had a long checkup at East Surrey hospital, and they said he’s as fit as a fiddle, but dehydrated. Remember to drink more!


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