This is what sound should sound like…..

There’s been a bit of discussion recently on a couple of forums about sound on model railways.  (Including the horrors of being on a stand next to a modern diesel depot with all the locomotives on loud tick-over – or people playing background music.  I just about survived a day of the Cha(I)rman playing Alpenhorns and cuckoo clocks for his Swiss layout.)  This brilliant video was posted as an example of how on-board sound is generally only what-the-driver-hears.  There is much more going on in the world.  Listen to the background sounds…..

We start with nature and birdsong, and the approaching Class 56.  After it passes, we have all the sounds of the wagons following.  If this could be reproduced, then I might be interested in N gauge sound!

And this could be a pretty good location for a simple layout to watch the trains go by….

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  1. I don’t see no video… am I missing something. I just get a bigger picture on clicking.


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