ESNG meeting – 19 September 2018

First, a video of last Sunday’s PlayDay. Thank you, Brian!

A quieter meeting this evening, with just the eight members turning out.  But trains were running.  A rare appearance of Japanese steam from Paul….

Together with a colourful electric locomotive…..

And an interesting European railcar from Neil, that we couldn’t work out which country it came from…..

And Mr Atfield had a variety of little tank engines to test.


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Secretary of the East Surrey N Gauge railway club
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1 Response to ESNG meeting – 19 September 2018

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    I think the railcar is a Luxembourg state railway unit, They have, or had the contract for running the railway from Norddeich-Norddich Mole (harbour) in northern Germany and I’ve seen pictures of a similar unit there. They seemed to use it to haul long-distance through coaches up to the harbour.

    Naturally, now I want to find a picture to link to I can’t find one, but concentrated googling should bring something up.


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