Odd modelling idea #999

How about a train with the sliding doors open?

Jubilee Line Tube train filmed with doors wide open
Footage has emerged of a London Underground train travelling between stations with some of its doors wide open.

The Jubilee Line service had passengers on board as it travelled for one stop between Finchley Road and West Hampstead on Saturday morning.

Transport for London (TfL) said the train was “immediately taken out of service at West Hampstead and a full investigation is under way”.

Safer than ‘slam-door’ stock, eh?

While some joked on social media that it was an innovative approach to introducing air-conditioning to London’s notoriously hot underground trains, other users pointed out that the incident could have been much more serious had it occurred during rush hour, when the train would have been packed. No passengers were injured or hurt during the incident.

See more here or here.

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1 Response to Odd modelling idea #999

  1. Glennofootscray says:

    Door safety override switch on or that the train stank from a combination of late night services and the stench of the destitute.


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